Hotel Indoor Lighting Solutions

Interior lighting solutions in hotels should be designed according to the special use of each area. Areas such as lobby area, rooms, restaurant & bar should be characteristically illuminated. In this article for you hotel interior lighting solutions.

Why Interior Lighting is Important in Hotels?

With new trends in hotels, architectural design has also become more aesthetic. Although the image is aesthetic, the complex structure has also complicated lighting solutions.

Lighting should both emphasize the aesthetic appearance and appeal to the mood of the visitors. For this reason, it is an important factor that the interior lighting and exterior lighting of the hotel are well designed.

The right lighting for interiors should be functional and in accordance with the principles of lighting, with good use of contrasts.

  • Lighting for hotel lobbies: The first place guests see when they enter the hotel is the lobby. Therefore, the lobby creates the first impression and perceptions about other areas of the hotel. In the lobby, a warm lighting that welcomes guests in a friendly way should be preferred.
  • Lighting for Hotel Rooms: Light in rooms should take on a more functional but flexible role. The degree of light should be adjustable according to the guests' needs.
  • Lighting for Meeting & Event Rooms: Areas for conferences and meetings should be illuminated in a way that does not strain the eyes.
  • Lighting for Restaurant & Bar Areas: In hotels, the lighting of the restaurant and bar area should create an atmosphere appropriate to the style of the hotel. To create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere in restaurants, it is preferable to use a soft light with warm tones for dinner. For breakfast and lunch, plenty of natural lighting or brighter tones can be used.

Hotel Interior Lighting Designs

The ideal lighting depends above all on the nature, characteristics and characteristic elements of the hotel. According to these elements, each area lighting design will also change.

Hotel Lobby Lighting

Often thought of as a simple passage to get to the rooms or other areas of the hotel, the hotel lobby is actually an important space. Because it provides the first impression of the hotel; it allows guests to understand where they are, the tone and type of the hotel.

The light used should be able to convey exactly the image the hotel wants to give to its guests.

Hotel Lobby Lighting

This is why it is so important to design appropriate lighting for lobbies. Depending on the identity of the hotel, you can choose to illuminate the reception desk with a dominant light or use a friendly and inviting light with contrasts and warm tones.

The light will guide guests and help them easily reach the reception or common areas.

Hotel Corridor Lighting

In hallways, light must be functional to provide a path to rooms, stairs or access to elevators. It may therefore be necessary to change lighting levels, especially when corridors are long.

In these areas, it is important to have good ceiling and wall lighting. Lighting plays a strategic role in making the hallway appear higher or giving the perception that it is less long.

Lighting for Hotel Corridors

Lighting for Hotel Rooms

For the lighting of a hotel's bedrooms, you have to consider the fact that everyone perceives light differently.

Therefore, the lighting needs to be directly regulated by the guests to facilitate their use. This is to ensure that the guest has control in the room and feels comfortable. Placing lighting next to the bed, where the light can be easily adjusted

Warm colored lighting for a hotel room makes it feel calmer and more intimate. It is important to avoid strong contrasts and glare and find the right balance.

To the bed section sconce to make it easier for your guests to read before bedtime.

Hotel Bathroom Lighting

In the space dedicated to the bathroom, the attention of your lighting project should be directed to the mirror.

Lavabo üzerinde iyi bir aydınlatma, dağınık ışık emisyonu ve maksimum %20’lik bir doğrudan ışık bileşeni hotel bathroom lighting for your family.

Lighting for Hotel Bathrooms

Lighting for Hotel Public Areas

In common areas, you can create interesting lighting effects by integrating light into the architecture of the hotel with environment-specific solutions.

For very large spaces, you can opt for two or more chandeliers with an aesthetic effect, and for more intimate spaces, hangers

Lighting for Meeting & Conference Rooms

For this common area used for meetings, workshops and official business events, decorative lighting with a simple design that will not strain the eyes is essential.

In this case, you can opt for sconces to be placed at various points on the walls to give the room a practical and clutter-free look.

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