How Should Hotel Lighting & Design Be?

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a hotel or other accommodation facility. Therefore, the first step in providing quality service to guests is to make sure that the hotel has interior and exterior lighting. The hospitality and hotel industry is highly competitive, so the right hotel lighting plays an important role in customer acquisition. Hotel lighting more information and modern lighting solutions Continue reading our article to get more information. 

What is Hotel Lighting?

Hotel lighting is lighting designed for the interior or exterior of hotels. Hotels and the hospitality sector are constantly changing. Interior lighting for hotels -lobby, corridor, restaurant, bar- and their designs are different from each other. The reason for this is the desire to create a special atmosphere and mood for each space.

Modern lighting in hotels It affects mood as well as aesthetic appearance. 

Why is Hotel Lighting Important?

Hotel lighting has a huge impact on the customer experience as well as the overall appearance of the hotel for customers. It is one of the most basic things to consider to create a positive impact on guests.

Advantages of Modern Hotel Lighting

Improves Mood

A hotel's lighting greatly affects the mood of visitors. For example, warm lighting at the entrance of the hotel indicates that there is a friendly atmosphere in the hotel. Generally, natural colored, warm lighting is preferred in hotel lobbies.

Stimulates the Senses

Inadequate lighting can make your hotel look bland. This is why most hotel rooms have a strong and well-lit interior. You can choose special designs to make important parts of the hotel look good. These help create a good first impression and improve the overall look of the hotel.

Increases Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Good hotel lighting satisfies customers. Customers who have a pleasant stay tend to come back to the hotel again. They also create potential customer opportunities by recommending the hotel to their friends and relatives. They can increase brand awareness by sharing aesthetically pleasing lobby, common areas, restaurants and bars on social media. 

Lighting Trends for Hotels

The design, size, location and theme of the hotel should be taken into consideration before choosing the lighting design for hotels.

Important Lighting Factors

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right lighting trends for your hotel

Glare Degree

Glare is one of the most common reasons why hotel interiors can appear uncomfortable for visitors. This refers to the amount of light that enters your eyes and can obstruct your vision.

Although lights with higher glare make interiors look brighter, they can be difficult to look at. That's why it's so important to choose your hotel lighting accordingly.

Light Distribution

The distribution of lights in a hotel determines how balanced the lighting looks as a whole. It also helps to balance the number of shadows cast in the room as guests move around the hotel.

Light Color

Your preferred light color should always be balanced. However, certain areas should have warmer lighting. In a hotel, signage or entrances should have warm lighting to create a more inviting atmosphere.

However, a mix of cold and warm tones can be used to add more depth to the windows. Similarly, making simple changes to the lighting will also help to achieve excellent results.

The Right Direction of Light

The direction of illumination affects how intensely or sparingly your lights reach the designated areas. Therefore, all angles of the hotel should be covered for maximum illumination. The best way to do this is to light the hotel 360 degrees.

Hotel Lighting Types

Hotels usually have large spaces. Filling these areas with the right types of lighting provides a beautiful image. Some types of hotel lighting:

Direct Lighting

Direct lighting is intense and shines from the source towards the surface. In this type of lighting, the bulb shines directly into the room without any deflection.

Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting uses a translucent shade or material because the original light source is completely off in this type of light.

Indirect Lighting

Lighting can be thought of as a secondary lighting system that helps to improve the overall look of the hotel. This type of lighting often reflects off walls, ceilings or other surfaces, creating a more 360-degree lighting effect in the room.

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